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What follows is a selection of “legacy projects” ranging from about 2001-2004 presented in no particular order. In those days I was pretty big into the mapping and texturing scene for the Half-Life mods Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic. I went by questionable.ethics at this time (sometimes just QE). The map I did that got the most attention was probably cs_militia_QE, which was an authorized re-work of cs_militia. I re-did all of the textures, rockwork, and various other features.

There are also some case mods I did back in the very early days of the PC case modding scene. Ironically, nowadays I work almost exclusively on a Macbook which is neither moddable, nor particularly good for gaming. The “Easy Shopper” is the go-kart I built in high school. It’s made from an abandoned shopping cart frame and various other things I either bought at Home Hardware or salvaged from the garbage. Another salvage-based item here is my disc sander. Finally there are some covers I designed for my line of mix CDs, and some cars I designed at some point.

I recently dug up the old files from my best unreleased map tf_autocrat, an attempt at a Team Fortress Classic map from 2001, and re-compiled the map with a few modern touches.  This was a nostalgic exercise carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, but it felt great to walk around there again.

Click here to download tf_autocrat2020