Harry MacKay Harry MacKay

Dresser (2016)

It’s become something of a yearly tradition for me to spend my summer vacation time at home in the workshop building a new project. Invariably I fall short of completing the project in that period, I guess because the rate of progress begins to feel asymptotical when you reach the assembly, sanding, and finishing stages. This year, like most years, I finished the project at Christmas.

This dresser is made from my usual complement of preferred materials (hard maple, maple plywood, and baltic birch plywood) and done in the same style as my desk from 2015. This time I designed the project from scratch in Sketchup instead of on paper as I usually do. There are some differences in the end product, but I think they’re for the best.

One side effect of living like an itinerant academic is that you end up relying on garbage-tier IKEA furniture for most things until securing a permanent position. My thinking is that I want to have designed and built a good fraction of the furniture in my future house, with the remainder being built by human beings who are not me, or at least having an interesting design pedigree.

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