Harry MacKay Harry MacKay

Society for Neuroscience, Ottawa Chapter


During graduate school I served in various roles (including president) in the Ottawa Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience. During this time, we spearheaded a number of new outreach programs including Brain Awareness Week, during which time dozens of graduate students presented interactive demonstrations on the brain and mental health to elementary and high school students in the Ottawa area. The Brain and Mental Health Art Show, held at a local coffee shop, featured a silent auction of artwork by local artists on the theme of mental illness. This raised thousands of dollars for Ancoura, a local charity providing housing support for individuals with mental illness. We also hosted the Brain Bee, a contest for high school students on brain-related trivia.

While much of my role here was in organizing events, I also did a lot of the graphic design work for the society including all of its posters and outreach material. This page contains some examples of this work.

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